The VANDERKEMP symbol and other elements of the VANDERKEMP Identity
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What are the VANDERKEMP properties?

The VANDERKEMP properties are:

  • The VANDERKEMP symbol (letter K and open ring with point and colours)
  • The VANDERKEMP logo with the name text “development & consulting”
  • The VANDERKEMP motto
  • VANDERKEMP identifications, including and not limited to "VANDERKEMP seminaries" "training academy of VANDERKEMP" and “VANDERKEMP negotiations”
  • VANDERKEMP publications
  • VANDERKEMP designations
  • VANDERKEMP branding

The international VANDERKEMP organisation owns all rights to the VANDERKEMP properties.

What is the meaning of the VANDERKEMP symbol?

The VANDERKEMP symbol consists of one open-ended ring with a point and the letter K, used alone, in one, two or in three different colours, which are light blue, and grey. The VANDERKEMP symbol (the VANDERKEMP ring) expresses the activity of the VANDERKEMP international organisation and represents the union of vision, progress and excellence and the meeting of professional business leaders throughout the world.

Only be careful, it is wrong to say that the open ring sets a breach to a certain direction! When Alexander W. van der Kemp designed the Rings in 2014, the shape of a modern laurel wreath for successful leadership and promoting competition. With the combination of colours grey and light blue represents the colours of integrity, wisdom and intelligence, vision and neutrality, sophistication and reliability, expansion, stability and solidness, infinity and trust, without exception.

Who created the VANDERKEMP ring symbol?

The Ring appeared for the first time in 2004 after the inspiration of the work of Pablo Picasso in Museum Chateau Grimaldi in Antibes. A town in the Alpes-Maritimes department in the southeastern part of France, on the Mediterranean Sea. Alexander W. van der Kemp drew and coloured the ring and letter by hand. Alexander explained that "This ring represents the challenge in the competition within the international trade and is open to expansion and flexibility. Moreover, the three colours combined reproduce stability and serenity with trust and wisdom of all the nations without exception."

Can I use the VANDERKEMP ring symbol?

The VANDERKEMP ring is the exclusive property of the international VANDERKEMP organisation. They are a mark protected around the world and cannot be used without the international VANDERKEMP organisation's prior written consent.

You can send a detailed request to legal(at) which must include the below information:

Who is making the request? 
Name, full address, telephone and/or fax number, and e-mail address. Organisation, company, museum or individual.
Which content is concerned? (texts, images or films)
How will the content be used? Private use (no broadcasting), school work, group activities, exhibition, production/broadcasting.

What is the VANDERKEMP creed?

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently… A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” 

Inspired by the words of Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company,  Alexander W. van der Kemp first spoke this phrase in a slightly different form with a focus on service at a reception in Baden-Baden, near the Blackforest in the southwest of Germany during the international business convention on October the 21st in 2019. It went on to become the VANDERKEMP’s creed.

What is the VANDERKEMP motto?

The original VANDERKEMP motto is made up of three words: Ethics – Moral – Integrity.

On September the 13th in 2017, the Session of the international VANDERKEMP organisation approved a change in the VANDERKEMP motto that recognises the unifying power in business and the importance of excellence. The change adds the word “excellence” after an en dash to “Ethics, Moral, Integrity”. The new VANDERKEMP motto now reads “Ethics, Moral, Integrity, Excellence” in English.

Ethics, Moral, Integrity and Excellence express the aspirations of the VANDERKEMP organisation not only in its vision and technical sense and moreover from a moral and educational perspective.

The VANDERKEMP motto is a VANDERKEMP property.

Who chooses the VANDERKEMP branding?

The official VANDERKEMP branding is a specific edition of the VANDERKEMP media and communication and is usually selected by the organising committee.

Who is responsible for creating the branding, the media and communication, design and the written text of VANDERKEMP?
The responsibility of designing and developing the branding, the media and communication, design and the written text of VANDERKEMP lies within its organising committee, and approval by the VANDERKEMP Executive Board is needed to ensure compliance with the VANDERKEMP Charter and the requirements outlined in the VANDERKEMP binding contract.

Who is the owner of the properties of the VANDERKEMP intellectual property?

For as long as the organising committee of the VANDERKEMP exists, the properties (text, design, written ideas and contracts…) are the exclusive property of the VANDERKEMP Executive Board. Upon the expiry of this period, all rights in or relating to such text, written ideas, contracts and other marks, designs, badges, merchandise, posters, billboards and objects shall thereafter belong entirely to the VANDERKEMP Executive Board.

Hence, any request related to the use of such properties should be directed to the VANDERKEMP Executive Board directly, if still exists.

Official Logo and Branding VANDERKEMP:

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